Like a Family Reunion: The Council of the Federation and Its Significance

This week, you may have heard about a meeting taking place in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a meeting of the Council of the Federation. It’s a pretty big deal as political meetings go. It is an inter-provincial council made up of provincial and territorial first ministers: the premiers.

Why is it significant? Well, it’s a time for all of the provincial executives to get together to discuss the significant issues facing the country and particularly those issues which have implications for the provinces, to debate policy, to form contacts and make deals with each other, and it is also an opportunity for the premiers to get together and talk strategy. Continue reading


Dump the Leader?

A week and a half ago, there were reports that something of a mutiny was afoot in the BC Liberal caucus with cabinet members and MLAs alike from the governing Liberals calling for the Premier Christy Clark, to resign. This in light of the scandal which emerged involving the leak of memos which put forth a strategy to woo the vote of British Columbians of certain ethnicities.

This week however, it would appear that the premier has managed to quell any public dissent from her caucus. But lets, for a moment, consider the possibility of ousting a sitting premier. Continue reading