In the News and Reviews

This page is divided into two categories: Annotated News and Reviews

Annotated present readers with information and analysis on key news stories by providing context, explanation and the implications of the news event. Columns provide some background or context to an issue, but for the most part it is only snippet form. The idea of this section to is provide some more information to expand on the background information briefly sketched in a column. Hopefully, this information will help a casual viewer of current events understand the subject or issue more fully.

Posts will be developed often by combining information from numerous sources (including various news corporations, scholarly works, studies) to tie together the facts, the context, and the potential outcomes of the issues at hand by utilitizing the knowledge of influential journalists who often have the “inside scoop” from their various political sources.

Annotated News posts, it should be noted, will rely on the judgement of their writers to suss out the important information and provide the analysis. As is often said throughout the site, it is important for the readers to be critical of what they hear and what they read, even from the author of this site! A brief sketch of critical reading or media literacy skills is available under the media tab on the menu.

The Reviews section contains reviews of books written on a variety of topics. This section is currently under construction so check back soon.


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