Samara Canada’s Guide to Speech from the Throne

Though we are just over a week past the reading of the Speech from the Throne, I wanted to give a shout out to a wonderful resource from Samara Canada which is a pop-up video guide to the Throne Speech at the federal level.



How A Bill Becomes A Law

I could have “re-invented the wheel” by developing a tutorial or a post on how a bill becomes a law, but there are many good resources available to the public about this legislative process. I will, therefore, be posting some links to these resources here:

As I find new resources, I will update this page.

What’s the difference between a session, a sitting and a parliament?

In an upcoming tutorial, I will be speaking about the Legislative Branch in Canada and I’ll get into some detail about certain parliamentary procedures, what happens in a typical session and so forth.

One thing that often gets people tripped up is the difference between a session, a sitting and a parliament.  In my research for the site, and in browsing for my own interest, I found a great post on this topic at a blog entitled, “On Procedure and Politics“. One you get the basics of the branches of government in Canada – the exective, the legislature- and start to take an interest in the procedural aspects of how it all works, and in particular the differences between our procedures and those of the United Kingdom, I would encourage you to check out the site.

For the purposes here, I would point you to a post appropriately titled “Sittings, sessions and parliaments” for an explanation of these terms.