News Sources:
BBC News
CBC News
Huffington Post Canada / The Pulse
National Newswatch – compiles headline news from various sources
Ted Talks
The Globe and Mail
The Hill Times – A weekly newspaper about Canadian federal politics and government;   often includes ‘policy briefs’
The National Post

Think Tanks/Not-for-Profit Orgs/Academic Sources:
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Canadian Parliamentary Review
Canadian Urban Institute
Fraser Institute
Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation
Ontario Municipal Knowledge Network
Policy Options from IRPP
Samara Canada
Simon Fraser University Public Square
Your Constitution, Your Canada

Other Sources of Interest:
Elections Canada
Pundits’ Guide – A Guide to Canadian Federal Elections
Rick Mercer YouTube Channel 
The Political Compass
Threehundredeight -“a non-partisan site and is committed to reporting on polls responsibly.”
Vote Compass – “an interactive electoral literacy application developed by political scientists and run during elections