Budget Process

Steve Paikin of TV Ontario posted an entry to his blog in which he described a procedure known as pre-budget lock up . You can find that post here.

This is a process that goes on before every budget, in every province and at the federal level on the day the respective minister of finance tables (or introduces) the budget in the legislature.

Given how important a budget is in the life of a government, particularly one in minority (it is a motion on which the government loses confidence automatically if it fails to pass), it is no wonder there is tight security.

Some trivia items about the budget:
• The minister of finance always buys a new pair of shoes.
• Typically, the minister will wear a flower on their lapel.
• As mentioned above, the accepted precedent in Westminster parliamentary systems is
that if the budget (or supply) bill(s) do not pass a vote of the legislature, a government is
said to have lost confidence. Either an election is triggered (the more likely scenario) or
the Lt Governor/ Governor General could inquire to the Leader of the Opposition if s/he is
able to form a government.


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