The “Bully” Pulpit


As part of my vow to be as impartial as possible with the content of this site, I am going to start this post by coming right out and saying that I am about to express my opinion on something: you have been warned.

I hate attack ads. In fact, I despise them. They are deplorable. If sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, then attack ads are the lowest form of political communications. Continue reading


Whips and Member Priviledge

An interesting article on a (brief) history of government whips. I’ll get into more detail on  party whips, backbenchers and other positions within the legislature in a up-coming tutorial on the Legislative branch.

Another article by John Ivison at the National Post on an upcoming Speaker’s ruling on the question of whether MP, Mark Waraw’s parliamentary privilege to speak freely in the House of Commons has been violated.