A response to the Ottawa Citizen Survey

The Ottawa Citizen, is asking its readers an important question:

What is the single greatest challenge and the single greatest opportunity facing Canada today as it heads towards its 150th Anniversary?

There are several challenges facing our country as there are several opportunities.

However, we believe that the greatest challenge is the erosion of our democracy: The permanent campaign mentality; the misuse of parliamentary practices and institutions; the ever increasing voter apathy which corresponds to an ever decreasing voter turnout; and the poor level of political/governmental literacy in Canadian political culture and institutions.

But, we think that this challenge also present’s our greatest opportunity. To establish a national dialogue on the institutions and ideas which bind us together as a nation; the reminder of our confederation; and ultimately developing strong national unity.

Only when we emerge from this challenge and move into this opportunity, can we begin to move forward and to look forward (without looking back), and to address our other challenges [such as Canada’s diminished international reputation].


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